TRESemme Expert Selection Platinum Strength Hair Mask – Should You Buy It?

Hello lovely readers (:

Firstly I’d like to say welcome to my new blog. I did have one before but I felt that it was a bit too over the place for me and I wanted a new site name so I kept it simple.

This weekend I felt that my hair was in dire need of some serious TLC. My hair is frizzy, but I straighten my hair because I feel that it is easier to manage that way. After years of styling my hair with intense heat (I’m talking prom since 9th grade and 2 senior balls) I felt that my hair started to become really dry and it started to fall out. This worried me. I was flipping through a Cosmopolitan magazine (because COSMO is B A E) and I saw that this product reduced up to 2 years worth of damage. My first thought? Too good to be true, nope just some advertising magic trying to get me to buy their product. Eventually I gave in and I bought it, seriously I have no control over what I spend my money on and I need help.

I’ll stop beating around the bush. Get up from wherever you are, go to the store and BUY THIS PRODUCT. In fact, go buy the whole range please it will change your life, and I am not joking. My hair went from dry to voluminous and healthy with only one use of this mask.

HOWEVER: I want people to know that the bottle says you should leave the mask on for 15 minutes. I decided to spoil myself and have a Game of Thrones marathon and left the mask on all day (approximately 5 hours) and I really allowed this product to work its magic.

Thank me later & thank you, TRESemme.

Look out for this product in my October favourites this month, it’s too good not to put in there!

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