My “Grown Up” Christmas Wishlist


Two posts in one day, because I am so excited for the Christmas holidays!

So I recently came across a website called Spring and thought I’d feature my take on a grown up wishlist. I am 19 so I don’t really feel all that grown up yet but I thought I’d give it a go!

You can check out the Spring website here and they have such a wide variety of fashion and beauty for women, men and kids.

This was my first partnership/collaboration with a company on my blog and I am honored to be part of this.

I have divided my wish list into categories, namely: fashion, technology and other.

F A S H I O N:


I fell in love with this dress when I saw it on the Spring website, it so beautiful and the color is absolutely stunning. I love how I could easily dress this up for a formal event or keep it cool and casual for a lunch or dinner date.

crossback midi

I have always been obsessed with open back styled dresses and shirts and this one is clearly no different. Santa if you’re reading this, I’m a size 8 (I think, I’m not too sure how sizes work in other countries but I’m sure they start from 4 here in South Africa)


These cuties would look amazing as an addition to my shoe collection, if you haven’t seen it then feel free to check out my previous blog post on it! You won’t regret it.



A little bit out of my price range, but hey this is just a wishlist, These red soles would be a beautiful fit to the family. Dear Santa, I’m a size 5.

T E C H N O L O G Y:



The only thing I would really like is a new phone. I love being part of the Android family, but I feel that it’s time for a change. The rose gold iPhone 6 has been a dream of mine since the release. I’ve had my Samsung S3 mini for about 3 years now and it is giving up on me slowly but surely.


Okay, maybe this one is a bit too drastic but I would love a television in my room. I hardly watch TV and the only reason I haven’t been able to is because I don’t have one of my own and the one in our lounge does not have cable so I have very limited channel selection. Sometimes I’d like to watch TV of my own when I come home you know?

O T H E R:



My dream vacation has to be Bora Bora. Wow, if I could just experience traveling overseas, this is where I’d like to go. Looks like I’ll have to save a lot of money though.



My dream is to reach 1000 subscribers and it’s been done before by a lot of South Africans. Look where Caspar Lee ended up. Currently with 5 million subscribers and growing rapidly. I am so proud of him.



Lastly but definitely not least, Christmas is a time of giving and we shouldn’t forget to remember that while some of us are opening gifts and enjoying a great meal, others are in search of their next meal or place to live. My wish this year is that people come together an make a greater effort to reduce poverty around the world.


Well, that was my grown up wishlist.

So tell me, what’s on yours?





My Shoe Collection

Hello my dearest readers

Today I have two posts coming on the blog, so just look out for the second one that will be out later today.

This post is very personal to me as I show you all my prized possession, my shoe collection. I was recently approached by a company to add another pair and review it and I am so excited because I finally feel that my career is taking off and I am finally getting to where I want to be.

To watch my video, just follow the link below and it will take you to my YouTube video.

I worked extremely hard on this video and would appreciate it if you gave me a thumbs up or subscribed to my channel so that I know I am making progress and it really motivates me to add more content for my viewers.


Thank you all so much, stay tuned for my next post.