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I didn’t want to be mainstream and post this in a category called “Food” so, ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to the culinary aspect of my blog called Bon Appétit. This is basically where I will do food reviews and also post my own recipes.

Today I wanted to venture into the unknown, and by unknown I mean those cute little restaurants that I had no idea existed right around the corner from my house. I’ve heard really good things about Tiger’s Milk and was extremely curious to try it out so my boyfriend and I set off for a lovely afternoon lunch to Muizenberg. There are 2 Tiger’s Milk restaurants and this one overlooks the beach which is amazing.

When you enter the restaurant, you are greeted by a flight of stairs. The restaurant is situated on the second level which is great because you do not get the view of the parking lot. Very well thought out in my opinion. I just want to note that I could not get good pictures because the restaurant was so full so wherever I have used pictures I do give credit. Also, I’m relatively new to the blogging world so I am so shy to get up and take photos (Insert monkey emoji where he covers his eyes).


photo creds: capetownmylove.com

As we walked in we were greeted by friendly and welcoming staff and someone who helped us to our table. We walked past the bar and sat right at the back by the window with a great view of the sea.


photo creds: Karisa Nicholls via Twitter.


photo creds: tripadvisor.co.za

The atmosphere was amazing, it wasn’t too loud but there was still that buzz that made you happy and comfortable.

Let’s start off with the menu, shall we? Okay so if you’re looking for variety I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high. I’m a pasta or salad type of girl but I will never say no to some meaty goodness which is mainly what they have to offer. They have a great selection of burgers and various ribs and they do have salads but nothing really extraordinary. I loved the burger ideas, but settled for the Leg of Lamb pizza instead which had garnish (I really don’t know what those leaves are called and if it were up to me I’d call them leaves because that’s what it looked like), lamb,cherry tomatoes, olives and hummus. My boyfriend went for the Avo, Feta and Bacon pizza which I obviously stole from him later and to drink I had an Appletizer and my boyfriend had a Grapetizer.

Just a little side note I took the following pictures on my VSCO cam and I am OBSESSED.









The size of the pizza was decent in my opinion. I liked that it wasn’t too big and I could finish it (with Matthew’s help of course). But there was something about the crust that didn’t quite tickle my taste buds. The crust was flaky and didn’t really have dough like usual pizzas do. It wasn’t bad but I like my crust, for me it’s the best part of the pizza. The pizza was okay but I do wish I had ordered something else instead.

We did order refills of our drinks and just enjoyed the vibe.

All Is Well That…. Doesn’t End So Well?

Okay, so I know for a fact that I am going to be bashed for this or people will have a lot of opinions but I decided to spoil Matthew and pay for the meal myself. When the bill came it was a total of R301,00. I thought it was a bit overpriced. No, I am not cheap. I am a STUDENT, that’s the difference. I do not work a part-time job for personal reasons and I am allowed an allowance which isn’t much but I am grateful because it teaches me how to work with my money. This just left a sour taste in my mouth. I knew it was a great restaurant but I was not expecting to pay that much for everything. Maybe I’m just overreacting, maybe I’m not.


So Tiger’s Milk, I doubt I’ll be seeing you again soon but maybe when you have a special for students or when I’m… Employed.


Hope you enjoyed (:





3 thoughts on “Tiger’s Milk Restaurant Review 07.01.16 | Bon Appétit

  1. Great category title, I like this type of post the full restaurant review with photos. I consider myself a foodie and love trying out new things. The pizza actually looks more authentic to pizza than traditionally what we see in the America’s. You may have inspired me to try a post like this next time I try a new restaurant! Looks great!


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