Till we meet again, Daddy x

Today has been anything but good for me.

For starters it is 11:48 AM and I just said goodbye to my dad who leaves for Iraq today for 3 months to go and work. I hate saying goodbye because it literally tears me into pieces. For real though, in all honesty I admire my dad’s tenacity and being able to leave his family in order to work and provide for us. Before I would throw the biggest tantrums and ask him why would he leave me here and why couldn’t I come with? Last night I came across my dad’s passport and it was every travelers dream, tattooed in stamps from around the world. It was truly inspiring to see how far he went and makes me so excited to travel. I hope that one day I will be able to explore and get my little passport book stamped!



Well, I just wanted to express my gratuity and just give a huge thank you to my first love, my first man in my life and my traveling inspiration.


Now I have to wait for these delivery people to drop off my cupboards because I will be renovating, yaay. So if you notice I’m a bit quiet on the blog, don’t worry I am just very busy and will be back as soon as possible.


Au Revoir, Daddy




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