Neutrogena Visbibly Clear Correct & Perfect Review: Complexion Scrub and CC Cream


Wow, it feels great to be writing again.

Hi beautiful! Thank you for putting up with the fact that I was gone for so long, you don’t understand how badly I’ve missed writing blog posts. The reason I’ve been away for so long was simply because I feel that I was in a very bad place as a writer and a blogger. I’ve been taking driving lessons which has boosted my confidence so much and just helped me to evaluate everything and get myself back to being the happy slaying writer that I am


photo credit: Kimoji via Bustle

But back to my review: I was recently asked by Beauty Bulletin to review the new Neutrogena Correct and Perfect Range which included a complexion scrub as well as a CC Cream.

The Complexion Scrub:


Can we just take a moment to appreciate the photography skills in this shot? Clearly I didn’t take it, my boyfriend Matthew helped me and also helped with the YouTube video which you can watch below:

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The scrub itself was really gentle on my skin and I loved the fresh smell and how clean it left my skin feeling. It had a pearl-like colour and was really easy to dispense and apply. However, being a 19 year old who suffers from endometriosis, my skin did not agree with the product. After a few days my skin started breaking out and it just was not having it. I was really disappointed because I am on hormone treatment (the pill) so my hormones do tend to go a little crazy. I do not blame the product, rather myself. The purpose of the scrub is to help clear skin, prevent breakouts and even the skin’s complexion. While I did feel clean and fresh, my skin could not see what was possible with this product.

Now for the miracle worker, The CC Cream:

Being so skeptical after the scrub, I was very unsure about how the CC Cream would be and how it would affect my skin. I had to film and make use of it so when I applied it, once again I loved how it dispensed, I’m not a big fan of pump applicators and I loved how creamy and smooth it felt on my skin. Lightweight and really gave me a great finish, definitely going to be a campus essential for second semester, I can’t wait to use it again.

The pricing is R99,95 for both products if I am not mistaken and can be purchased at leading retailers.

Once again, thank you to Beauty Bulletin for he opportunity and to my readers for being so patient with me. See you tomorrow with a brand new post

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