Jaclyn Hill Ride Or Die Make-Up Tag!

Hi beautiful!

So I just thought that I’d do something fun and spontaneous because I had no electricity for 4 hours and it made me miss blogging so much. I decided to do the Ride or Die tag inspired by Jaclyn Hill, who is an amazing YouTube beauty guru, you can find her channel here —

So basically the Ride or Die tag is simple – choose one product for each category of make-up that you cannot live without. Ready? Let’s GO.


PRIMER: Isabella Garcia Day Defense Moisturizer applied in conjunction with Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser.

FOUNDATION: Yardley London Airbrush Foundation in “Natural”

CONCEALER: LA Girl Pro Conceal in Natural/Creamy Beige

FACE POWDER: Design Compact Powder in the shade “Soft Beige”

UNDER EYE SETTING POWDER: Design Compact Powder in the shade “Soft Beige”

BLUSH: Clinique Blush in “Precious Posy”

BRONZER: Beauty Treats LA Trio Palette (The contour shade is too light for me so I use it as a bronzer)

HIGHLIGHT: Haven’t found one I like as yet, watch this space…

MASCARA: Charlie Revlon Rock N Curl Mascara


LIQUID LIP: Lime Crime in “Wicked”

LIPGLOSS: Essence Cosmetics 02 Roaring Red from the All That Greys palette

LASHES: Eylure Lashes in 118.

EYESHADOW PALETTE: Charlie Revlon Palette in “Neutrals”

SETTING SPRAY: Essence Cosmetics “Keep It Perfect” Spray

PERFUME: DKNY Be Delicious in “Fresh Blossom”

Who do I nominate next? Well, anyone who would like to take part in the tag!

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Easy Sultry Vampire Halloween Tutorial

B O O.

So I decided that I wanted to film a Halloween tutorial and I absolutely loved the whole process of it! For those of you who don’t know, Halloween isn’t really celebrated here in South Africa so this was definitely something different and a first for me.

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                                              –CLICK PLAY TO WATCH–


                                                 –PRODUCTS FEATURED–

If you would like me to review any of the products mentioned below, feel free to leave me a comment and I will look into it as soon as possible.

  • Primer: Isabella Garcia Day Defense Moisturizer and Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser
  • Foundation: Charlie Revlon Oil Free Foundation in Golden Beige, you want to go with a foundation that’s much lighter than your actual skin tone because you want to look pale and really drained. Make sure to blend this all the way down to your neck though so that it looks more natural.
  • Eyes: Charlie Revlon Eyeshadow Palette in “The Neutrals” taking black and hollowing out my eyes so that they look sunken in. I couldn’t decide between a cut crease or a smoked out eye which is why I went back and forth with a make-up remover. Eyeliner is Michelle Ori “Feliner” and lashes are Eyelure in 118.
  • Lip is Essence Cosmetics “02 Roaring Red” from the All That Greys collection.
  • Teeth are from Party City King Cake, but you can find these at any party store really.
  • Lastly I just added a bit of fake blood dripping down the sides of my mouth to add that effect.

                                                       –THE FINISHED LOOK–


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How I Went Brunette In 1 Wash & GIVEAWAY: John Frieda In Shower Lightening Treatment Review x RubyBox

Hello beautiful!

Welcome back to my blog. I would firstly like to say that the reason this post is so late is due to the animosity universities in my country are experiencing at the moment. Fees must fall has been a whirlwind of events and has caused academic programs to be thrown out. I have been working on assignments and preparing for exams at home and will be starting my Halloween YouTube series tomorrow. The weather has been nothing but dreary here in Cape Town and because I work with natural lighting, it’s hard for me to film.


I was approached by RubyBox to review the John Frieda In Shower Lightening Treatment in Brunette. You can find their website here.

Rubybox is an online community in which members are sent products to try out and review in exchange for their honest opinion. I love that the community is open and honest and just willing to help in terms of reviewing products. I wanted to record a video review, however, since I didn’t film my process I thought it wouldn’t be the best video to film.


In the box, you have a double sided tube with a cap which you need to break off. The one side of the tube contains the conditioner and the other side contains the dye. Both of these need to be squeezed out at the same time.


Photo Credit: ulta.com

A few things that I want to touch on is that this product should be used in conjunction with the John Frieda Shampoo and Conditioner for optimum results. I was only sent the treatment so my results are not similar to the results you will get if you use the shampoo and conditioner. The whole range can be pictured below which includes:

  • Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper Colour Deepening Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment
  • Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter Lightening Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment
  • Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment


Photo Credit: beautystat.com

The box recommends leaving the treatment in for about 5 minutes, I left mine in for 15 for optimum results as I felt that 5 minutes would not be enough for me. I then washed out the product and continued to shampoo and condition as normal.


After blowdrying and flat ironing my hair, I noticed a visible brown-ish tinge to my hair. I did not go brown as that would mean I’d have to life relatively dark hair to light brown. This is what I ended up looking like, this is from my Snapchat so you can scan my code below to add me!




Overall, had I had to rate this product out of 10, I’d give it a 7 and here are my reasons why:

  • The smell of the dye was way too strong for me. After sitting with the product, I had the worst headache because my nose is very sensitive to smell. This put me off and I know the smell of dye is very hard to mask so I can’t fault the product for that but other dyes didn’t come close to the smell of this one.
  • My hair isn’t that brunette. I could only notice the difference in my hair when in good lighting. I would only recommend this for people with light tone in their hair, not for darker hair colours.
  • The tube is very small. Maybe this is to blame for me not seeing a visible difference but my hair is quite long and the bottle doesn’t have a ton of product in the bottle.

This product can be purchased at Clicks and the range varies in price from R100 to R199.


I am giving away 1 Sheer Blonde Lightening Treatment and 1 Visibly Brighter Brunette treatment to 2 lucky winners!


I would love for either bloggers or my readers to try this out and let me know what you thought the results were.


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  • For an extra entry without subscribing to my YouTube channel, repost the picture to your own Instagram.
  • You may enter as many times as you’d like.

This giveaway is open internationally and closes on the 30th of October. Must be 18 years or older or have parents permission.

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