What’s New From Essence Cosmetics – October/November 2016

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Today is my first press release post from Essence Cosmetics. I’ve been on their mailing list for a while already but I’ve seen how other bloggers do press release and I’m very excited to see how I put my own spin on it. I personally love Essence cosmetics as I feel that they’re good quality with extremely affordable options which are student friendly, so as soon as my dad gets home he has to take me shopping because at the moment, I’m broke.

As of October, the spring/summer season is about to become even more attractive with lots of must-have products that are joining the Essence range. Cool looks with a wow-effect are guaranteed!

I’m honestly very impressed with the new range, I feel that this was very well thought out and that most people who asked for things from Essence will be very happy with what the company delivered.


2in1 eyeshadow & primer: Primer time! Applied as an eyeshadow, this new 2in1 piece ensures flawless eyelids with a soft touch of light pink or beige – as a primer, it makes eyeshadow last longer. Available in 2 shades: 01 nude beige and 02 nude rose. Retails for R53,95*

Contouring eyeshadow set: Contour the eyes! The eyeshadow duo offers two perfectly aligned shades for contouring the eyes. Easier than ever thanks to the step-by-step instructions! Available in 4 colour combinations: 01 mauve meets marshmallow, 02 brownies with frosting, 03 roses meets mahogany and 04 coffee ‘n’ cream,  Retails for R47,95*

Extreme lasting eye pencil: Stays on. The silky, soft texture of the eye pencil is waterproof, ultra long-lasting and offers a strong colour-dispersion in shades of grey or black. Available in a total of 6 colours: 01 black love, 02 but first, espresso, 03 black midnight sky, 04 night time in the jungle, 05 rockin’ taupe and 06 silky nude. Retails for R38,95*

The metals eyeshadow: Me and metal. Nine colours including extremely dark green, rose gold and silver give the eyes an awesome sparkle with a metallic shimmer. Applied moist, the colour is even more intense. Available in 01 ballerina glam, 02 frozen toffee, 04 deep sea shimmer, 06 rose razzle-dazzle 07 vanilla brilliance, 09 patina glow, Retails for R47,95*


Rock ‘n’ Doll crazy XXXL volume mascara: Lashes to rock! The specially shaped asymmetric brush with shorter and longer fibers covers each individual lash to ensure XL wow volume. Retails for R53,95*

Super precise eyeliner: Precision work. The eyeliner with an extremely fine brush applicator is ideal for tracing accurate lines as well as creating broad eyeliner designs! Deep black, long-lasting, waterproof – for wow eyes! Retails for R53,95*

The false lashes mascara extreme volume & curl: Extra volume, extra curl, The curl fiber brush ensures maximum volume and curved lashes with a false lash look. Retails for R53,95*

The false lashes mascara dramatic volume unlimited: No limits! The deep black texture and the conic shape of the fiber brush ensures dramatic volume and a gorgeous false lash effect. Retails for R53,95*

Make Me Brow duo eyebrow powder: Brow-maker. Mix and match the two brown shades to obtain the desired colour. The soft powder texture fills in any small gaps and emphasizes the brows. Available in 2 shades: Retails for R53,95*

Rock ‘n’ doll duo stylist eyeliner pen: Dots or lines? The ball-shaped felt tip of the new eyeliner pen makes it super easy to create lines or dots for special, long-lasting eyeliner styles. Retails for R47,95*

Make Me Brow powder pen: Fill in! The delicate powder pigments of the eyebrow pen fill in small gaps and define the brows. Easy to apply thanks to the soft sponge applicator. Available in a total of 2 nuances – one each for blonde and brunettes. Retails for R57,95*

Contouring eye pencil: Well-defined. It’s easy to contour eyes with the two ends of this super versatile eye pencil, which can be used as a liner, eyeshadow or highlighter. Available in two shades for lighter or darker skin types. Retails for R47,95

Eyebrow brush: Frame it. The angled eyebrow brush is perfect for applying various textures like gel or powder on the brows. Also ideal for use with the new make me brow duo eyebrow powder. Retails for R28,95*


Get picture ready! long-lasting compact make-up: #nofilter! The new compact make-up provides an instantly flawless and even finish. Thanks to the integrated sponge and mirror, the cream to powder texture can easily be applied and blended when you’re on the go. Available in 4 shades. Retails for R76,95*

Camouflage 2in1 powder and make-up: Team player! This practical combination product offers the coverage of make-up and the lightness of a powder. It balances skin imperfections and softly mattifies the complexion. Available in 4 shades: 10 ivory beige, 20 nude beige, 30 vanilla beige, 40 honey beige. Retails for R67,50

Camouflage 2in1 make-up and concealer: Beauty partner: make-up and concealer. The texture offers long-lasting, high coverage to hide all skin imperfections and provides a matte and flawless finish – without a mask-like effect. Available in a total of 3 nuances: 10 ivory beige, 20 nude beige, 30 vanilla beige. Retails for R69,95*

Satin touch blush: Blush addicted! The new, silky-soft powder blush instantly provides the cheeks with fresh colour reflections in Rosewood, Coral or Bronzer shade – all with a light pearl effect. Retails for R47,95*

Light Up Your Face luminizer palette: Strobing star. Applied individually or in combination on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose or above and below the lips, these three highlighter powders with light reflecting pigments accentuate the features with a light pearl, intensive shimmer or golden glow finish. Retails for R76,95*

Get picture ready! Brightening concealer -not pictured above -: For some reason, this image was not available in the press release forum so I could not add it to my image. Covering. The high-coverage texture with light-reflecting pigments makes dark shadows under the eyes disappear – for instantly flawless results. Easy to apply thanks to the ball-shaped applicator. Available in 2 shades. Retails for R57,95*


Matt matt matt lipstick: Matt matters. The light, creamy texture of the new lipstick range unites a high colour-dispersion with a matte finish. Available in a total of 8 colours: 01 natural kiss, 02 perfect match, 03 wow effect, 04 pink up your life, 06 kiss me if you can, 07 purple power and 08 it’s a statement. Retails for R44,50

Colour and care lipstick: Care for! This new lipstick unites colour and care. The texture contains avocado butter and leaves behind a beautiful, creamy finish in shades like rosewood or berry. Comes in stylish packaging and is available in a total of 8 colours: 01 don’t be shy, 03 life’s my runway, 04 looking good, 06 girls club, 07 rock your lips and 08 stand up for plum! Retails for R47,95*

Matt matt lipgloss:  Meet Matt. The creamy mousse texture of the new lipgloss range provides long-lasting colour with a high coverage and a velvety-matt finish. Available in a total of 5 colours: 01 la vie est belle, 02 beauty approved, 03 girl of today, 04 ready, set, impress! 05 simply be an icon. Retails for R44,50*

Balmy kiss moisturizing lip care: Kiss and care everywhere! The gentle lipbalm contains pampering almond oil to ensure wonderfully soft lips with a touch of colour. Available in a total of four colours. 02 beauty on the go, 03 can’t live without, 04 treat me right. Retails for R24,95*

2in1 lipstick and liner: Matt duet. Lipstick and liner in one – now also available with a matte finish! For defined lip contours and rich colour. Available in a total of 5 colours: 01 beauty statement, 02 make some noise, 05 more is more. Retails for R47,95*

Volume on plumping lipgloss –not pictured above–: Oopsie, I dropped the ball and missed this one. Plump up! Menthol ingredients give this new lipgloss a visible volume effect. Available in pink and red. Retails for R44,50*


Clean & start nail cleanser: A first. The cleanser removes excess oil and residual dust – for a longer-lasting manicure. Apply on the natural nail and leave to dry before applying the desired base coat or nail polish. Retails for R29,95*

Jewelry top coat: Dazzle nails. With its gold and silver shimmer particles, this top coat turns any nail polish into a true treasure! Retails for R38,95*

Mega last base coat: Mega manicure! The base coat improves the durability of nail polish for a longer-lasting colour manicure. It also protects the natural nail from discolouration. Retails for R29,95*

Super rich super soft hand cream: Handsome! The rich, non-greasy hand cream is concentrated with shea butter that nourishes the skin to ensure smooth, soft hands. With a fruity, floral scent and a practical pocket size. Retails for R28,95*


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