February Instagram Round Up!

Before it’s time for March round up again (which, I’ll be honest was not my best month for uploading on Instagram due to the fact that I am back at varsity) I just thought I’d share my snaps from the month of February.

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Have a fantastic week ahead, all my love xo.


Life Update, Goal Reflection and 2017 Goals!

I know what you’re thinking — Deeanne it’s February and you’re only posting about your goals and reflections now?

Yes, to be honest I could’ve either made up a few new years resolutions and never stuck to them… Or I could have taken the month of January and February to genuinely reflect on 2016 and decide what I want for the year ahead. And that is exactly what I did, I spent a lot of time working and it made me realize what I want from 2017 and how I want to achieve those goals.

First off: a short life update. I am going to be starting my 3rd year of university on Monday (27 February 2017), which I’m really excited about. So scary to think that as soon as this year is over I only have one year of university left. I’m currently working part-time on weekends as a store promoter and as much as I really love my job, the dynamics of my company makes me so unhappy which means I don’t think I’ll be staying for much longer. Ah, the life of a broke student who has to tough it out.

I did not have a blog post on my goals for 2016, however I did have a list of 20 Things I’d Like To Do Now That I’m 20 which is what I want to reflect on. I’ll only be reflecting on a select few so don’t worry!

  1. Getting my driver’s license: check. First time lucky! I remember writing about how nervous I was and by the end of my test as soon as I got out of the car, I burst into tears! It was all for nothing though because I passed.
  2. Travel: not wanting to jinx anything but, watch this space for travel diaries in future. Wink, wink.
  3. Conquering the fear of putting myself out there: I am so sick of feeling sorry for myself and making myself socially awkward. I’ve decided that this year I will say yes to way more things and hopefully move up in the world! I have already started asking PR companies to review my blog and letting me know what I should work on and how I should go about approaching brands.
  4. Maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle: I am working as hard as I can to turn my lifestyle around. Being back at campus means I have to go back to drinking water so that I’m not dehydrated later in the day. I no longer want to eat food on my campus (except maybe that A Block Sushi though…) and I want to eat healthier lunches that keep me fuller for longer.

Goals For 2017:

Realistically I’ve strategized all the things I would like to accomplish. These will be worked on as short term, medium term and long term goals.

Revise my work every day after campus and before I go to bed: This applies to me particularly for English. I fell behind with my reading in second semester and this is something I really enjoy doing! No excuses.

Get back into driving: this is something I really need to work on because after I got my license, I just stopped trying. Even though I don’t have my own car, I don’t want to be clueless when it does come to me having to drive one day.

Stick to healthy eating and away from bad foods: I get really sick if I don’t eat properly so this is a priority. Being a student, you’re constantly on the go and never really have a chance to sit down and enjoy a meal you packed in so you’re always tempted to go out and buy campus foods which are often so unhealthy and very quick and easy to grab but not nutritious at all. I’m proud to announce that for the year so far, I have not once eaten at campus (except for once when my mom asked for sushi from the sushi bar at our campus).

Slowly but surely work on my social skills: when I was in primary school (grade 1-7), I would have labelled myself as a social butterfly. Being head girl, prefect council, librarian and all-round go-getter. I was very withdrawn when it came to high school and the transition just did not work well for me. Now I’m so focused on putting myself out there and meeting new people.

Work better with my money: I can already tell this is going to be difficult, but I really want to work better with my money instead of spending it all in one go. I have a habit of spending my pay checks as soon as they arrive instead of putting money away on fixed deposit… I’ve come to the conclusion that from now on I will not ask for materialistic gifts and seeing that it is my 21st this year, I would love for my family to contribute to my fixed deposit instead of giving me money in my hands so that I know I will not be able to spend it.

Lose the extra weight gained: I promised myself that I would look after myself and that means that I need to start exercising regularly. The only problem that I have is being in a gym when I have to come home from campus makes it so difficult for me because I’m exhausted and often only make it home at about 5. But this is no excuse, I really want to move on from this laziness and exercise at home if I have to!

Put out feelers for interning at a magazine in 2019: I already know what I would like to do one day, and that is to work for Cosmopolitan just to get an idea of what I think I want to do. I’m not 100% sure if I am going to go through with it, I’ve always had an interest in advertising as well so that I would like to look into as well.

What are you looking forward to in 2017? Please send me your links if you have similar posts xo.