My Winter Must-Haves 2017 | Beauty & Food

For those of you who might be a bit confused by the title, yes it is winter here in the Southern Hemisphere! Yesterday in Cape Town we experienced some great thunder and lightening, it was pure bliss.

Now, I have a love-hate relationship with winter. I love being inside and cozy in my bed with popcorn and series or a good movie but when it comes to going outside? That’s a no from me. I hate the thought of damp clothing and shivering and not to mention the endless frizz on my hair!

I have put together a few of my winter-must haves for those of you who are just like me and love snacking and the little bit of beauty banter. Products are listed from left to right and contain no affiliate links.


  1. The Woolworths Pea and Ham Soup. I love soup. I have a grandma who makes the most amazing vegetable soup and I refused to like other soups for the longest time until I tasted this one! It tastes amazing and I’m also a fan of their Beef and Country Vegetable soup! Great for cold nights with great movies.
  2. Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? I’m going to be honest, I’ve never actually tried the Hug in a Mug (If you’ve tried it please let me know). I’ve always been a Milo girl but I’m not going to lie, it’s getting a bit too expensive for my liking. Also, I would never insult hot chocolate by adding water – only milk please!
  3. The LUSH Frozen Bath Bomb. I love nothing more than a hot bath in winter and also smelling super clean and fresh. The Frozen Bath Bomb just has a clean smelling scent for me and I mean who doesn’t love a blue bath?
  4. The LUSH Sex Bomb. Same story just with that cute little rose in the middle that floats around my bath and melts away afterwards.
  5. LA Girl Matte Lipgloss in “Secret” I love a vampy lip in winter. Now I’m not going to lie, even though the colour pay off is great and it is really long-lasting, I feel it’s a hassle to remove and can be very drying on my lips when I don’t apply a primer.
  6. The Body Shop Strawberry Hand Lotion I’ve probably mentioned over 1000 times that I cannot stand dry hands. I personally feel like I would rather moisturize my hands because my mom always told me your hands can reveal your age. Funny story – once a girl grabbed my hands and told me “these feel like hands that haven’t worked a day in their life” to insult me. I kindly told her that I knew how to take care of my hands even if I clean my kitchen every day and cook most nights. I love the smell of this hand lotion and I feel that it’s really moisturizing without being sticky or too oily.
  7. Labello Lip Butter in Blueberry Blush I’ve rambled about this in a favourites and have even compared it to the new The New Labello Bold Blackberry Shine but I feel that this one is so small and convenient to keep in your bag. The only problem I have with this is that after a while the tin lid gets stuck and I find it hard to open!
  8. Last but definitely not least, I have been loving the New Body Shop Drops of Light Range which I’ve recently reviewed. The Brightening serum works so well as a primer as it gives me a slight dewy glow without looking oily.


What are your fave picks for the winter? And yes, a separate post featuring my winter picks will be up really soon.

I am currently in the middle of semester tests so I am writing this Friday (tomorrow) and Saturday. Wish me luck!

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