Thailand Adventures Vlog 2: Island Tours & Starbucks



Hello my lovely readers and welcome back to my blog.

So I have been uploading a few vlogs showcasing my Thailand birthday trip and I would love for you to hop on the adventure with me! This is my second vlog and you can find the first one here in which I jumped on that plane and flew all the way to Thailand.

In this vlog I am still staying at the Sunset Beach Resort and we embark on an island tour around Phuket as well as going to the mall where I try Starbucks for the first time! I also come clean about how difficult it is to move around and constantly film and make sure I have enough footage all the time. Kudos to you, travel bloggers!

Overall, I don’t want to sound ungrateful or try to brag in any way. I just feel that before I had the opportunity to travel overseas, I loved watching travel vlogs and travel diaries and a part of me has always wanted to recreate that for someone who might not have the opportunity to travel at the moment, but could look forward to it in future!

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting my channel. I can’t believe that I started this as a portfolio for myself and to showcase for my journalism career and now I’m nearly at 600 subscribers and 13 000 views. I’m extremely grateful that I have such a supportive blogging platform and that I am able to showcase my work with like-minded individuals.

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