Varsity Vlog 01: Lectures, Apartment Shopping & Convertible Rides!

“Dream big, work hard, stay focused and surround yourself with good people.”



I love university. I love the fact that it’s nothing compared to high school and you’re surrounded by people who are aiming for the same goals as you, which inevitably is to graduate.

I want to write a separate post detailing my university experience and what university was like, but just for some background purposes, I thought I’d fill my readers in on some information. I attend the University of the Western Cape in South Africa, which is one of the top universities in the country. I am currently in my third year of university, studying a Bachelor of Art and majoring in English and Language and Communication Studies. I am an aspiring journalist with a passion for writing and reviewing products. My main goal for my final year is to complete my bachelor Cum Laude (with an average of 70% across all modules).

In this vlog I take you with me to campus and you get to meet some of the gems I call my friends. Then I have a busy day and end up going apartment shopping. The best part of this vlog (in my opinion) is definitely the convertible ride at the end!

My university experience was not all sunshine and roses and I never want my viewers or readers to feel that I’m trying to portray “the perfect life”. If you’ve been a follower of mine for a long time you would know that I have come a long way since my days of being bullied in high school, to coming out of a 4 year long toxic relationship.

This video blew up so quickly, if you would like to see more then please subscribe to my channel so I can create more content!


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