Essence One Brand Tutorial: Bubblegum Pink Valentines Day Make-Up

Anyone else single like me but LOVES getting dolled up for Valentines Day?

My horoscope told me that in February I am going to find love and I just wanted to know why someone would make such a joke? Kidding aside, if you have a valentine (lucky you, babe) or if you’re a nacho cheese single pringle like myself then come and put your face on with me in this Essence (somewhat) one brand tutorial. The only things I have to confess about this tutorial is that I forgot to get a bronzer from Essence, Essence does not have my shade of foundation and they only have 3 colour brow pencils. The brown brow pencil is too light for me, the black is too dark and blonde is obviously out of the question. With most tutorials, if you enjoy please leave me a thumbs up and do not forget to subscribe to my channel for more content.




The Finished Look:



Essence I Heart Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base

Essence Eyeshadow in  14 Chilli Vanilli

Essence Eyeshadow Blending Brush

Essence Eyeshadow in Taupe Secret

Essence Matt Touch Blush in 10 Peach Me Up

Essence Eyeshadow in Raspberry Frosting

Essence The False Lashes Dramatic Volume Unlimited Mascara

Whoops, Catrice Sun Glow Bronzer

Essence Wish Me A Rose Lipliner

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in Poppy Pink

Essence Keep It Matt Compact Powder

Essence Keep It Perfect Fixing Spray

Is it too early for these videos? My back to school series starts on my channel next week! I am so excited to be starting my final year of university before I head off to the big world.


SNAPCHAT: just_deeanne





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