CALA Pink Couture Deluxe Make-Up Brush Set Review & Why It’s Perfect For Beginners

Being a beauty blogger and the go-to friend when it comes to make-up and advice, the one question I am almost always asked is which brushes I would recommend when it comes to make-up application. I remember when I first started getting into make-up, I saved up a little bit of my pocket money and went to the drugstore to purchase my first foundation brush. I wanted something which was affordable and looked like it would last me a long time. This is when I picked up the CALA Cosmetics foundation brush, which I still have in my collection today.

I recently ran a giveaway on my Instagram in which I gave away the CALA Pink Couture Deluxe Make-Up Brush Set and after some contemplating, I decided that I wanted one for myself because it looked so pretty! Unfortunately the store I went to was out of stock and I ended up getting one for Christmas from my mom. I am always grateful for make-up and anything I can add to my growing collection!  What I love the most about this brush set is that it comes with a stunning make-up bag which you can store your brushes in for travel. This is so important for me because I need to know that I have somewhere to store my brushes in order to protect them from any damage.




The brush set contains 6 pieces in total, one bag and 5 brushes.

1 make-up bag, pink with rhinestone embellishments (as pictured above)

1 powder brush

1 eyeshadow blending brush

1 eyeshadow applicator brush

1 eyeshadow shading brush

1 liner brush


One thing I always worry about when it comes to brushes is how long it will last and if the bristles will fray or fall out after a wash. I like to deep clean my brushes knowing that product can make its way right down the brush and cause my skin to break out. When I used the brushes for the first time, they were really good in terms of application. I found the powder brush soft and the eyeshadow brushes dense enough to pack on product and hold onto the product when used in conjunction with other products such as eyeshadow primer or setting sprays.





Besides the fact that this set is extremely affordable, retailing at R164,00 in South Africa (mine was purchased at Dis-Chem) it can be used in a number of ways which is great for a beginner to learn the ropes. If I had found this set when I started out with make-up, I would not have thought twice about purchasing it because I feel that I can get so much use out of these brushes and they are not very expensive (some brush sets retail at almost R500 and the brushes are TINY).

The Powder Brush doubles as a blush applicator if you use setting sprays instead of setting powders.

The Shading Brush doubles as a concealer brush for concealing imperfections and cleaning up brows for a sharper and more precise brow.

The Liner Brush can be used as a lower lid brush for smoking out eyeshadow or even lip liner for a clean lipstick application.


Even though this was given to me as a gift, I can honestly say that I am so impressed with how these brushes have held up. I have not had any problems with application or the bristles and I feel that this set is affordable, which is something that is so important for me as a student because nobody wants to spend an arm and a leg on products. I mean, unless you’re a serial splurger, then you do you boo.


What are some of your favourite make-up brush brands? I love finding new products!




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