30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 2 – Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years?

My humblest apologies to everyone who was waiting on this post. No I did not forget, I was just having very bad WiFi problems but the issue has been sorted out and here I am!

Day 2/30: Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Today I had a lot of time to think about this blog post and what I really wanted to say. You see, in my dream world I would see myself having won my first Oscar and starred in at least 10 films before I turn 30. I would love to have my own reality TV show and have written my autobiography and just be on vacation for the rest of my life because I won the lottery and gave a portion to my mom and charity… But I had to come down from this cloud really quickly.

I’m no psychic, I fear that I might dream too big sometimes and I always tend to get into the worst jobs for some reason. After some thought and discussion with both my mom and my boyfriend I came to realize that I have to be realistic so here we go:

I’ve narrowed my list down to 8 goals and aspirations so that I don’t bore you to death and because I feel like I could go on forever but I won’t.

  1. Due to the fact that I will be getting my degree in 3 years time, I just want to be successful in my career and enjoy what I do. At the moment I’m still not sure if I want to go into journalism or the entertainment/advertising industry but whatever I choose, I hope that I am well and happy. I’m not sure whether I’ll pursue a second degree or diploma but if I do then you do you girl. Dream big, hustle hard and stay humble!images
  2. As I’ve mentioned before, I am a hopeless romantic and I’d like to be married before I’m 30. My ideal age for engagement would be 23/24 and I’d like to be married by 25.7751_1455
  3. I hope that in 10 years time I would have been able to pay back my family for everything they’ve done for me. I’d love to give my mom the vacation of her dreams and my dad a good car. My parents have honestly done so much for me that I could honestly never repay them but I can always try.6358136108662414155350240_9102657_orig.imgopt1000x70.jpg
  4. I don’t want to look back and regret that I haven’t traveled enough. Which is why I would like to have at least been to a few good places. Traveling means so much to me and I hope that I can have my little passport book tattooed so many times I’ll need a new one! original
  5. Personal growth and happiness means a lot to me. I hope that I’ve learned from my mistakes and really became a better person. I hope that I still value my religion the same and have grown spiritually. I really want to know that I’ll be grateful for all the opportunities and lessons I’ve learned. 143495-Eat-Drink-And-Be-Thankful
  6. Have my first child by 26. I really want kids while I’m still fit and able to keep up with them. I’d love a family of 4 but I’ll settle for 3. 33e6a440f0124cdaa467c220ed6ea257
  7. I really want to be comfortable financially. Growing up, I could never work well with money and always struggled with jobs. I just want to be able to spoil myself and my family.tumblr_net9xrs1MK1rdk4vco1_500.jpg
  8. The last one is going to sound cheesy but I’ve mentioned before on my blog that I don’t really have that many friends. I hope I’ve met a few great people who are ambitious and goal driven and bring out the best in me. The type of friends I can call and schedule a last minute road trip with so we can leave our hubbies at home for the weekend. I’m hoping Sex and the City type of friendship if you know what I mean. index

I’m so pumped to do tomorrow’s post so stay tuned!


30 Days of Blogging Challenge: Day 1 – The Basics

Hi there everybody!

I’ve decided to take on the 30 day blogging challenge and basically I’ve decided that I wanted to put a bit of my own spin on a few of the posts because bloggers must be so tired of reading the same things over and over again. Day 1/30 has the simple task of stating a few basic facts about yourself so I thought I’d write down a few basics and a few randoms.

I did a video on my YouTube channel with a little bit about me which you can click and watch down below:

I narrowed this blog post down to 20 facts about me, enjoy!


  1. My full name is Deeanne Michaela Daniels. I was given this name because my dad’s name is Deon and my mom’s second name is Jo-Anne.
  2. This year I will be turning 20, which scares me to death because I will no longer be a teen and also excites me because I heard your 20’s are supposed to be the best year of your life.
  3. I love anything that has to do with art. From photography to writing, creating and decorating things.
  4. I’ve been hospitalized 4 times, 3 of those 4 times I had to be put under anesthetic.
  5. At the age of 17 I fell in love, I haven’t looked back since. My boyfriend Matthew is my best friend and we’ve been through so much together. I would be devastated if I ever lost him.
  6. I love reading. I could read for days and never get bored or sick of it. However, I can’t read the same book twice for some reason.
  7. I struggle to keep friends. My mom said that it’s because I’m such a good person that people often abuse my kindness.
  8. I don’t like to party. I don’t drink, except for the occasional champagne at a celebratory event. I do not smoke and have never smoked or gotten drunk in my life. I love to dance though, so I’d like to think I could still be the life of the party without needing alcohol or drugs to have a good time.
  9. I have a sensitive nose. I pick up smells really quickly and easily. It’s a blessing and a curse because I have terrible headaches sometimes.
  10. I love animals. Fun fact: I actually had a little kitten come into my house and then adopted it for like 2 hours until the SPCA had to pick him up because my brother is allergic. I miss him.
  11. I get attached to people really quickly and I have a heightened sense of sensitivity and compassion. I feel other people’s pain and I hate seeing others in pain or upset.
  12. I wish I could shop for a living but I’m broke. I’ve never had any luck when it comes to jobs. I’ve only worked 2 jobs in my life and I didn’t like it.
  13. I can’t whistle. Ever since I was a kid I have never been able to and people still tend to make fun of me for this.
  14. I used to be a brace face and after my wisdom teeth surgery my teeth shifted into their original position because I had stitches in my mouth and couldn’t wear my retainer.
  15. I’m really competitive. I don’t like losing. It’s an ugly trait in my opinion.
  16. I’m a sucker for cheesy romantic things like flowers and midnight drives. I’m just a hopeless romantic.
  17. I’m really lazy and it bothers me sometimes.
  18. I have a YouTube channel, you should subscribe and check it out, show me some love.
  19. I want to get my driver’s license this year but I’m so afraid of getting into a car accident.
  20. Freshly cut grass gives me a rash. I don’t know if it’s an allergy or what but I can’t stand it.

So, tell me a little bit about you?





Back To Campus Stationery Supplies Haul 2016

Hello my lovely readers

I am currently typing up this blog post with the biggest headache because I am in the process of reorganizing my room. I don’t know why cleaning always gives me such a headache. Today I’ll just be showing you my stationery supplies for the year and I know it’s January but I go back on the 15th of February and I wanted to start my year off on the right note x

Nothing mentioned below was sponsored and all my stationery was purchased from Pick n Pay unless stated otherwise.




My glitter pencil case is from Typo and it was a gift from my boyfriend for Christmas. It’s not really big but holds everything I need including my¬† mini stapler and staple remover and I was really impressed.



The second gift from Typo is the A5 buffalo grey glitter notebook which I use as my planner. I use a notebook because it gives me more space to write and plan and I can paste months-at-a-glace planner pages which are basically free printables from my favourite studyblr which you can find here.


These are my 192 page hardcovers in which I transfer my notes neatly and make them colourful. I really like these book covers which are from Carte Blanche. I do not take these to campus every day and I re-write my notes at home.


This adorable owl notebook I purchased from CNA and this is where I will scribble down my notes from class and then transfer them to my notebooks at home. I really like the ringbinder type of notebook and this one has those pre-cuts where you can tear out your pages without leaving the ugly marks from the rings.


My Hello Kitty Tippex correction tape is so small and easy to put in my pencil case. I like how small it is and it’s so adorable!


My owl ring binder in which I keep my tests and assignments. In the past I have been asked to resubmit assignments and I always misplaced them so I just keep everything in one place because I do not want that to happen again so lesson learned!


I personally think every student should have a flip file because this stores all my information so if I should lose my backpack then someone can find my student number and email me if they find it. Also, I keep loose notes in here so that they don’t get crumpled and ruined in my backpack.


My little Tatty Teddy envelope keeps all my loose notes in one place for when I’m in a rush and can’t file everything separately. This is one of my must haves for campus because it’s so convenient.


How cute are these Hello Kitty pens from BIC? I was so scared these were the gel ink but luckily they weren’t. This was a great deal but I would’ve preferred more black pens though! However, I like taking tests with blue pens.


I personally love using koki’s in my notebooks because they make my notes neat and colourful and I mean, who wouldn’t want to study from colourful and brightly coloured notes? I’m not really a fan of highlighters because they always smudge so these are a great alternative.


Sticky notes for little reminders and important notes. I have them in yellow, pink and green.


The reason I bought this little notebook was for the colourful tabs. I’m an English student and we do a lot of reading so I have to mark up texts and these are perfect for that. Also, the sticky notes I purchased separately are not going to be nearly enough so I’m glad I purchased more.


How cute are these erasers? I just died and went to heaven when I saw these because I love cupcakes and these are so tiny and cute.


As a student you have to hand in TONS of paper and most of the time you’re not allowed to bother the staff for a stapler which is why I keep one in my pencil case. I also keep a staple remover because I often have to remove rubrics from previous assignments or I forget to attach a rubric or declaration.

That was pretty much it for my little haul. What are your favourite stationery items?