4 Braided Hairstyles – BaByliss Twist Secret Demo & Review

DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored, I was sent this product in exchange for an honest review and demo.

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I was supposed to get this post up a while ago already, but I was having issues with my wifi. Today I’ll be talking about the BaByliss Twist Secret and showing you 4 different hairstyles which you can create with it. If you do watch my video, please feel free to subscribe to my channel and show me some love by hitting that “like” button.



To be honest, when I was sent this product I was not sure what to make of it as I’ve never seen something this creative. I think the last time I braided my hair was when I was in high school, which was 2 years ago. I took it as a challenge to get back into the groove of beautiful braids but trust me, it was NOT an easy task.

Firstly, the product is very small and convenient for travel. The only problem is that the product is battery operated. This is a downside due to the fact that should your batteries die, it’s a hassle to go out and find batteries. I personally would have liked if it had a cord, but the product does have batteries in the box which is a bonus.

Next, the battery cover has a screw on it. I was very unhappy when I wanted to play around with it and found that I needed a screwdriver in order to get the product to work. This is another inconvenience because nobody carries a screwdriver with them when they travel (or is it just me that doesn’t?). Crisis averted, I just called up my dad and asked him to open it for me.

The product has 2 levers which you need to push in order to insert your hair into the strands. The portion which holds your hair is very small which means that you can only work in small sections and is not convenient for bigger braided hairstyles. Other than that, you insert your hair into the product, push the power button up to twist the strands and push it down to braid it.

It is a pretty complicated little tool, is it worth it though?

For people who love experimenting with hairstyles, it’s a pretty cool gadget! The only things to consider is the screw, the amount of hair you can work with and the fact that it is battery operated. Other than that? I’d rate it a solid 7/10.

Here are the 4 hairstyles I created, feel free to watch the video to see exactly how to re-create them. If you watch the video, please don’t forget to like and subscribe!




TRESemmé Expert Beauty-Full Volume Reverse System Review & Demo

DISCLAIMER: I was chosen by Beauty Bulletin to review this range, therefore this post is sponsored and in collaboration with Beauty Bulletin: Beauty Bulletin Website

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Happy Tuesday, I hope your week didn’t start off as terribly as mine did. I was in bed with a terrible stomach bug yesterday, and let me tell you it was no joke. However, I’m sure most of my readers are eager to know what the verdict is regarding Last Week’s Blog Post


Now that all the news is finally out of the way, we can move on to my demo and review. I have a YouTube video with the live demo which you can watch down below:


The following products were included in the package from Beauty Bulletin:

  • 4 x Hair Clips
  • A glass jar filled with bobby pins (thank the heavens because I lose things like crazy)
  • 2 x hair elastics, the ones that resemble the old school phone cords.
  • Step 1: Beauty-Full Volume conditioner
  • Step 2: Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo
  • Mousse
  • Hair Maximizer.

These are what the products look like, in the order they are supposed to be used in. These are pictured below:



I would first like to stress the fact that this is indeed a REVERSE system, which means that conditioner is applied before shampoo. This was a bit tricky for me because I am not used to this, but the reason for it is because conditioner tends to weigh the hair down and strips your hair of all the bounce and volume it deserves!

I will be reviewing each product individually.

Conditioner: This was not as heavy as most conditioners are and it smelled absolutely amazing. I wish I could bottle this scent and where it everywhere if I could. This was great because my hair did not feel heavy and oily as it usually does when I wear conditioner. I’m not too sure about the price but I think it’s R69,99 in selected stores.

Shampoo: Smells just as amazing as the conditioner. The only thing I found weird about this product was that the bottles are 2 different containers. The conditioner is pump activated while the shampoo has the OG pop cap. Usually, with most of the TRESemmé products I have used, both bottles are the same. But I’m not complaining though, I love them both. If I’m not mistaken, this retails for about R69,99 in stores.

Hair Mousse: If you watched my demo on YouTube, in which you caught a glimpse of my naturally curly hair (cringes), you would have noticed that I struggles with the pump of the mousse. It took some elbow grease and some serious work to pop this bad boy open! Eventually when it did come out, it spilled everywhere (as a result of me not shaking the bottle). When I applied it over my hair and combed the product through, I had to get up and wash my hands because my hands were too sticky to touch anything which did put me off a bit. This was the only thing I could fault for the range as a whole. This retails for R59,00 in selected stores.

Hair Maximizer: I’m not exactly sure what this product was supposed to do, but eventually I figured it was supposed to be some sort of heat protect or add extra bounce. Personally I feel that the range could have done without this product but it’s still great either way. This retails for R49,99 in selected stores.

Well, that was my demo and review. If you do watch my video, please don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe to my channel to see more content not often posted on my blog.


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