Durbanville Hills Wine Tasting & Mini Review

Located about 20 minutes from Cape Town City Center, this beautiful wine cellar overlooks the hills where the wine used for tasting is cultivated. The spectacular view has nothing on the ambience and tranquility that comes with this restaurant.















To begin, you need to choose which tasting you would like to do. However, if you prefer to eat at the restaurant only then you may do so.

I have to point out that I was extremely impressed with the different types of wine tasting they offered.  The following tastings are available at the Durbanville Hills:

Crystal Tasting – A selection of 8 wines and a souvenir crystal glass to take home. R60 for 1 hour.

Cheese and Wine Pairing – A selection of 5 wines paired with 5 cheeses. R95 for 45 minutes.

Chocolate and Wine Pairing – A selection of 5 wines paired with 5 artisan chocolates. R80 for 45 minutes.

Biltong and Wine Pairing – A selection of 5 wines paired with 5 types of biltong. R95 for 45 minutes.

Cellar Tour – A tour of the cellar which includes the Crystal Tasting. R80

There is a menu where you can order food from the restaurant as well. To be completely honest there isn’t really a lot of food on the menu since the establishment is based on wine tasting. My friends and I did the Crystal Tasting and then ordered a smoked bacon and chicken sandwich. The chicken on the sandwich was extremely salty and I took almost all of it off my sandwich and ate the bacon trimmings on the toasted sandwich. I personally feel that R65 for a sandwich (with only one slice of bread) is a lot to ask for. I wish I had ordered something else instead. Another point I have to note is that it was slightly windy on the day we went wine tasting and my chips on my plate (literal crisps, Lays, not fries) flew off my plate as the waiter brought it to the table. His response was “chips!” to which I laughed but he did not replace my chips, which I paid for. I didn’t say anything because the waiter was hardly at our table and not very attentive. Even guests who arrived after us were given first priority.

With regards to the wine tasting, they were very informative and explained the process each wine goes through. They also tell you about the taste of the wine and the difference between each of them. It was nice to be enlightened about the different wines and everything that comes with it.











To be honest, I wasn’t always a wine drinker. I would thoroughly recommend this for the experience. I loved learning about the history of the wines and how they were cultivated. Although I didn’t have the best experience with the food, I’d love to go back and try something else!

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Review: The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid (6/12 shades) & Lip Scuff

Life is short, buy the lipstick.

I’ve always been a massive fan of The Body Shop. This year I was fortunate enough to be invited to their Drops of Light event. At this event, they introduced us to a wide range of products The Body Shop had to offer which included the Matte Lip Liquid which I will be reviewing.

As a student, I had to watch my budget as The Body Shop can be quite pricey, and for good reason. The quality of their products are so good, that I feel it is value for your money. These babies retail at about R90 each and recently they had a massive 3 for 2 sale, which I caved and bought 3 more and it only costed me R180. The first 3 I had purchased at the event.



From left to right: Sicily Iris, Sydney Amaryllis, Paris Peony, Cali Gerbera, Taipei Orchid and Windsor Rose.

The packaging reminds me so much of the Kylie Jenner lipglosses, without causing me to spend my entire salary. With a simple matte black cap and 8ml tube of lipgloss, I feel that it is definitely worth the spend.

The colour selection in this range was what I was most impressed with. I feel that 12 shades are not a lot but the colours they offer are out of this world. One thing I do have to note is that I feel that the colour in the tube is not the same when applied to the lips. In some instances they are much darker and others much lighter. The darkest shade I own which is 019 Sicily Iris, shows almost black in the bottle but then on the lips it’s more of a deep plum, but not as dark. The darkest shade in my opinion would be Sydney Amaryllis which shows up closer to a neon pink/red on my lips.

The only bad thing I can say about this product is that sometimes one coat is not enough, which is normal as I’ve never had one swipe colour pay off before. The other thing I’ve noticed is that when I wear this, it takes a few minutes to dry down matte.

With that being said, I feel that the good definitely outweighs the bad when it comes to these lip liquids. I’ve eaten meals before and still had my lip liquid stay on, I’ve only ever had to reapply maybe once or twice. I love that this is hardly drying on my lips as I do struggle with dry lips so I feel that I have a love-hate relationship with matte lipsticks or glosses because they can be very drying. I feel that these are so wearable and I haven’t tried it before but they should be kiss proof too (provided your significant other does not eat your face off). Lastly I love the smell of these because it is a bubblegum scent and it smells so heavenly. To me, Sicily Iris smells like grape bubblegum!

I do not have swatches of the lip liquids because I am saving that for a swatch and wear test video so people can see for themselves!



The Lip Scuff:

Being someone who struggles with dry and chapped lips, I needed an exfoliator for days when I really need to treat my lips. This lip scuff has a very menthol type of scent and feels like an exfoliating scrub, just in the shape of a lip balm. I love how moisturized my lips feel after removing the dead skin and this prepares my lips for the matte lip liquid. It has not been damaging on my skin and I love how cute the packaging is! That is the item pictured above with the silver cap. I would definitely recommend this as an exfoliator for your lips.

What’s new on your beauty desk? Let me know in the comments!


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Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Proofing Range Review



Hello my lovelies and happy Monday ♡.

I honestly hope that it’s not as cold where you are like it is here in Cape Town. Winter just isn’t playing around! For those of you who didn’t know, I turned 21 on the 8th of August and it has been an insane roller coaster in terms of celebrations which I am truly grateful for. Thank you to everyone who wished me on Twitter and Instagram, I truly appreciate it more than words could ever express.

In today’s post I wanted to review the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Proofing Range. I have used Neutrogena since I was about 15 years old so I know the brand very well, however I haven’t really found anything that wowed me. This range as a whole I feel I was happy with in terms of results. I do want to stress that what works for me might not work for you and vice versa. If a product has a negative review it is not me bashing the brand but rather just offering my honest opinion. If you’ve tried this range, I would love to know your thoughts in the comments.

The Neutrogena Spot Proofing range combines gentle Neutrogena cleansing innovation with a powerful spot-fighting ingredient, Salicylic acid, to deliver the ultimate complexion perfecting regimen: products that help clear breakouts, plus preserve skin’s natural barrier so it can become more spot proof. Each product in the range is oil-free, non-comedogenic and has a fresh scent.

WHERE TO PURCHASE: Available in selected Dischem, Clicks, Foschini, Pick n Pay and selected pharmacies nationwide.

HOW MUCH IS IT: Each product in the range retails at for R109,95 each.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Proofing Daily Wash:

A gel formula that lathers up to wash away impurities and fight spots while preserving the skin’s natural defenses.

I loved the gel formula as I feel it was not harsh on my skin and I didn’t mind the fresh citrus burst. I felt that it did the job of a daily wash, but did not exfoliate very well which is where the toner came into play for me. I loved the wash as a whole but I feel that it did not do anything that any other gel wash would do.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Proofing Smoothing Scrub:

Packed with naturally-derived exfoliants, this scrub helps enhance the natural skin renewal process at the surface while fighting spots deep down in the pores.

This product is definitely one I was very hesitant to use just because my skin is really sensitive and the texture felt very grainy which made me a bit skeptical. I’ve mentioned in my video review that this was definitely the product I’ve used the least and do not have a lot to say about.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Proofing Purifying Toner:

Used after cleansing, this no-rinse, alcohol-free formula leaves skin clean and refreshed without over-drying the skin.

I love toners, but this one was definitely a big hit in my books just because there was no alcohol in it so it did not leave my skin feeling dry or tight and it got rid of all the dirt that the daily wash might have missed. Really recommend this toner and would definitely repurchase it.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Proofing Oil Free Moisturizer:

A lightweight, oil-free moisturizer that provides all day hydration and makes skin soft without clogging pores.

Although the name claims that it’s oil free I did notice that my face felt a bit greasy after using this product, only when I used too much. I felt that a pea-sized amount went a really long way and it lasted longer that way. The only thing I dislike about this item in particular was the price. I felt that it was quite expensive for such a small bottle and there’s not really a lot of product in the bottle itself.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Proofing 2-in-1 Wash Mask:

Mask can be used as a foamy daily cleanser, or smoothed over skin in a thin layer and left on for five minutes before rinsing as a weekly treatment.

Definitely my least favourite product in the range just because this product had a menthol scent to it and by the time I applied it all over my face as a mask I just felt that the smell was way too strong for me and my eyes were tearing by the time I had finished. Had this product not been scented I’m sure it would have been a hit because when I washed all the product off my face it felt so soft and smooth.

Here are my before and after photos using the range as a whole and the results speak for themselves even though I was more consistent at night when using the range.



pimps out the crib ma

Please feel free to let me know your thoughts if you’ve tried it. I am always looking for new skincare products to try so if you have any recommendations please send them my way!

I hope your week is as beautiful as you are ♡  xo.

DISCLAIMER ♡: This post is in collaboration with Beauty Bulletin. I was sent these products in exchange for an honest review. I am not sponsored by any companies unless otherwise stated.

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Review: Oh So Heavenly Press Drop!

Hi everyone and welcome back to another blog post!

My schedule has been absolutely hectic to say the least, however I always appreciate good spoils in the mail. Okay, I’m not going to lie, this post is a bit late but better late than never, right?

I recently received 2 products from Oh So Heavenly, you can follow their Instagram page here or check out their website here, to review and I’ve come to let you know my thoughts.


There was not really a great pressdrop packaging for these beautiful products which was disappointing as I’ve been using this brand for as long as I can remember. Also, there was no note pertaining to the prices of the products so they will not be included in this post. However their packaging of the items was indeed very pretty with bright pastel colours saving the day!


The first item which caught my eye was the pink hand wipes. I loved the pink packaging and how convenient it is to put into your bag, or in my case the car cubby for whenever I am going to eat and need to clean my hands. It smells absolutely divine and I could swear it made my hands even softer! Definitely a great product. These hygiene hand wipes wipe away dirt and germs, are enriched with vitamin E, are alcohol free and cotton soft. You won’t regret purchasing it! I have misplaced my SD card with a lot of my blog photos on them so I’m using one from their website, which I have linked above!

                                              — HAND BAG TREAT HAND LOTION–

I am a sucker for anything lavender scented! So you could only imagine my excitement when there was a hand lotion with my pressdrop! This has been a lifesaver for me as I often have to wait in the car for my classes to begin and due to the fact that I have to have the windows open, it tends to dry out my hands. This has definitely saved me in terms of the cruel dry hand scenario which I cannot stand! This lavender infused nail cream softens and moisturizes hands as well as strengthening your nails and cuticles.

What posts would you like to see next?

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4 Braided Hairstyles – BaByliss Twist Secret Demo & Review

DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored, I was sent this product in exchange for an honest review and demo.

Hello Beautiful and welcome back to my blog!

I was supposed to get this post up a while ago already, but I was having issues with my wifi. Today I’ll be talking about the BaByliss Twist Secret and showing you 4 different hairstyles which you can create with it. If you do watch my video, please feel free to subscribe to my channel and show me some love by hitting that “like” button.



To be honest, when I was sent this product I was not sure what to make of it as I’ve never seen something this creative. I think the last time I braided my hair was when I was in high school, which was 2 years ago. I took it as a challenge to get back into the groove of beautiful braids but trust me, it was NOT an easy task.

Firstly, the product is very small and convenient for travel. The only problem is that the product is battery operated. This is a downside due to the fact that should your batteries die, it’s a hassle to go out and find batteries. I personally would have liked if it had a cord, but the product does have batteries in the box which is a bonus.

Next, the battery cover has a screw on it. I was very unhappy when I wanted to play around with it and found that I needed a screwdriver in order to get the product to work. This is another inconvenience because nobody carries a screwdriver with them when they travel (or is it just me that doesn’t?). Crisis averted, I just called up my dad and asked him to open it for me.

The product has 2 levers which you need to push in order to insert your hair into the strands. The portion which holds your hair is very small which means that you can only work in small sections and is not convenient for bigger braided hairstyles. Other than that, you insert your hair into the product, push the power button up to twist the strands and push it down to braid it.

It is a pretty complicated little tool, is it worth it though?

For people who love experimenting with hairstyles, it’s a pretty cool gadget! The only things to consider is the screw, the amount of hair you can work with and the fact that it is battery operated. Other than that? I’d rate it a solid 7/10.

Here are the 4 hairstyles I created, feel free to watch the video to see exactly how to re-create them. If you watch the video, please don’t forget to like and subscribe!




NEW From Essence “The Little X-mas Factory” First Look & Impressions!

Hello beautiful and welcome back to my blog!


I JUST HIT 500 SUBSCRIBERS ON YOUTUBE! A while ago, I lost a great amount of subscribers, but with hard work and dedication to my passion, I managed to make it back to where I would like to be. You can find my YouTube channel here and if you would like, please go subscribe x.

I recently compiled an Essence press release, showing you the latest products from Essence which you can find here and I thought I’d show you their new Christmas range, just in time for the holidays. I will be walking you through all the products and letting you know my thoughts! All products available from Clicks or Dischem in South Africa and now also available at Ralo Cosmetics.

“Dear Santa! Essence has received all Christmas wish lists and Santa’s hardworking elves are doing everything in their power to prepare the perfect surprise. The result: the new trend edition “The Little X-mas Factory”, which will be available in stores from November to December 2016 to make all your beauty dreams come true. Classical colours like gold or pine green are combined with cool pink. The absolute X-MUSTS are the eyeshadow palette, 2 mini hand creams with Christmassy fragrances and the “shimmering stars”. Seasons greetings from Essence”

DISCLAIMER: I am part of the Cosmetix Blogger mailing list, therefore images are sent to me. All photos were provided by the mailing list.


Essence The Little X-Mas Factory Eyeshadow Palette: Melting Away! The eyeshadow palette with five shimmering colours creates stunning eye make-up styles – and the pressing pattern on the texture is sure to make your heart melt, too. Available in 01 North Pole Express Delivery for R89,95* The Verdict: I love how the eyeshadow looks. The shimmery shades are absolutely gorgeous for Christmas parties and the melting pattern looks absolutely gorgeous and reminds me of the Kylie Jenner lip kit! I do wish they had come out with a few matte shades for Christmas because one does need balance, however there are matte shades in the previous range linked above.

Essence The Little X-Mas Factory Liquid Gold Eyeliner: Golden times. The liquid eyeliner with long applicator creates golden eyeliner styles for glamorous looks. Available in 01 ho-h0-ho for R59,95* The Verdict: I am in love with the packaging of this. It’s sleek, minimilistic and very chic which makes it even better! I do wish that they had more than one shade for example green and silver. Maybe next Christmas!

Essence The Little X-Mas Factory Liptint: Under the mistletoe! The liptint stains the lips in a gorgeous bright pink that is sure to last. Available in 01 All I Want For X-Mas Is You. Available for R64,99* The Verdict: Once again, the packaging was a real treat! I love bright pink shades and this reminds me of Benefit Cosmetics’ Benetint. The only let down for me was the price, I feel that it is a bit pricey in terms of the product but it is fairly new so it’s understandable. I try to showcase affordable make-up for students, however you can always hint for one of these in your Christmas Stocking like I’m going to (hint hint, dad).

Essence The Little X-Mas Factory Contouring Palette: Fabulous face. The palette contains a dark colour for shading and a highlighter shade to accentuate the features. With a cute gift-bow pattern on the surface of the texture. Available in 01 Elf Yourself! for R69,95* The Verdict: Can we talk about how cute the name of this product is? I love Essence highlighters because they’re not too dramatic but provide that natural glow that will have you radiating throughout the Christmas season!

Essence The Little X-Mas Factory 2-in-1 Core Concealer: Elfin Beauty! An elf-like complexion is not a problem thanks to the concealer – the transparent core evens out irregularities while the nude texture covers up impurities of the skin. Available in 01 – Elf Approved! for R59,95* The Verdict: I am so keen on trying out this one simply because this concealer can do so much. Should I do a YouTube video on a first impression?


Essence The Little X-Mas Factory Nail Polish: Christmas colours. Gold with a foil finish, white with a light shimmer as well as pink and pine green without an effect are Santa’s favourites. Available in 01  I still believe in Santa Claus, 02 Let’s Take An Elfie, 03 Santa Baby and 04 Meet Me Under The Mistletoe for R44,95* The Verdict: Not only were the names so well thought out, but I am impressed with the variety in this range. Here they offer 2 polishes without effect and that’s great because not everyone is into shimmery nail polishes. I AM IN LOVE. The white shimmer has to be my favourite out of the collection.

Essence The Little X-Mas Factory Nail Jewelry Sticker: Bling-bling! The stickers create a golden net on the surface of the nails to turn them into true gems. Available in 01 Santa’s Back In Town for R29,95* The Verdict:  I’ve never experimented with stickers before so I’m very eager to give these a go. I love how simplistic the colours are and how chic the gold detail on it looks.

Essence The Little X-Mas Factory Super Rich Mini Hand Cream: Delicious care. The two hand creams with a vanilla and cookie fragrance come in a practical mini size to pamper the hands of all hardworking Christmas helpers. Available in 01 Holiday Hugs and 02 Mistletoe Kisses for R34,95* The Verdict:  I am obsessed with vanilla lotions and I don’t think that Essence could get this one wrong, I am beyond excited to get a whiff of these next time I make my way over to the counter!


Essence The Little X-Mas Factory Eau De Toilette: Smells like Christmas. The warm, sweet fragrance is reminiscent of the wintery atmosphere of cozy, beautifully decorated Christmas markets. Chocolate – Cranberry and nectarine in the top note, freesia and peonies in the middle note and caramel, vanilla and tonka bean in the base note are the characteristic ingredients of this eu de toilette. Available in 30 ml, 01 It’s Magic for R114,95* The Verdict: YUM, YUM, YUM! I think what I love most about Essence perfumes are that they look so expensive but are readily affordable and really smell amazing. Looking forward to this as well!

Until next time, and may your weekend be as fabulous as you are xo

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How I Achieved Clear Skin With African Extracts Rooibos Classic Range #SkinLovesRooibos

Hello Beautiful!

I hope your day is as wonderful as you are and that you have a fabulous week ahead of you! Remember Phil 4:13 xo.


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Recently I was approached by Beauty Bulletin to review the new African Extracts Classic Range. This range is specifically suited for combination skin which is the problem that I have. My skin will vary from oily enough to fry an egg on it to dry as a desert.



photo credits:

“Inspired By Nature

The authentic power of nature meets the science of contemporary skin care in African Extracts Rooibos Products.

Our Bio-Active Rooibos extract, made in the Cederberg from freshly harvested Rooibos leaves, contains high levels of antioxidants that work at a cellular level to combat the destructive action of free radicals. Caused by environmental factors, such as UV exposure and pollution, as well as lifestyle stresses, free radicals are the primary cause of ageing.

Bio-Active Rooibos, together with plant extracts and vitamins, boosts the skin’s natural defences and helps moisturize and nourish to keep it smooth, soft and young-looking for longer”


Refreshing Toner:


This gentle but effective toner has Bio-Active Rooibos extract, chamomile and witch hazel to gently soothe and refresh without leaving skin tight. Available in a  250 ml bottle. I absolutely love the fact that there is no alcohol in this, therefore my skin never feels dried out or irritated. With certain cleansers there was always a harsh smell and a burning feeling on my skin which made me very skeptical, but with this toner it left my skin feeling clean and fresh without irritation and it smells amazing!

Moisturizing Day Cream With SPF 15:


This light, delicately fragranced day cream enriched with Bio-Active Rooibos extract and vitamin E is easily absorbed and leaves skin non-greasy and UVA/B protected. Available in a 75ml bottle. They were not joking when they said “delicately” fragranced. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s that my nose is extremely sensitive when it comes to certain fragrances. If the scent is too strong, I tend to get headaches and nobody wants to start their day off with a raging headache. I love that it isn’t greasy at all and I never have a problem with applying make-up over it if I decide to wear make-up that day.

Soothing Cleansing Lotion:


This light, non-greasy lotion gently soothes away make-up and impurities, while its rehydrating formula contains extracts of Bio-Active Rooibos and chamomile to soothe the skin. Available in a 250ml bottle. I love the fact that this can remove make-up and it’s not a hassle. It isn’t greasy which is great because as I mentioned that I can’t stand a heavy feeling on my face.

Tissue Oil:


This concentrated skin-care oil is nature’s all purpose remedy with the trusted soothing and rejuvenating properties of sweet almond and grape seed oil, and the antioxidant power of Bio-Active Rooibos extract and vitamin E. Available in a 60 ml bottle. I’m not going to lie, I am not a fan of the smell of this particular product. I was, however very impressed with how visibly lighter my stretchmarks appeared after using this.

If you would like another video/blog post on how I maintain healthy skin (eating habits, medication, exercise) please feel free to leave me a comment below.

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TRESemmé Expert Beauty-Full Volume Reverse System Review & Demo

DISCLAIMER: I was chosen by Beauty Bulletin to review this range, therefore this post is sponsored and in collaboration with Beauty Bulletin: Beauty Bulletin Website

Hello all my beautiful readers!

Happy Tuesday, I hope your week didn’t start off as terribly as mine did. I was in bed with a terrible stomach bug yesterday, and let me tell you it was no joke. However, I’m sure most of my readers are eager to know what the verdict is regarding Last Week’s Blog Post


Now that all the news is finally out of the way, we can move on to my demo and review. I have a YouTube video with the live demo which you can watch down below:


The following products were included in the package from Beauty Bulletin:

  • 4 x Hair Clips
  • A glass jar filled with bobby pins (thank the heavens because I lose things like crazy)
  • 2 x hair elastics, the ones that resemble the old school phone cords.
  • Step 1: Beauty-Full Volume conditioner
  • Step 2: Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo
  • Mousse
  • Hair Maximizer.

These are what the products look like, in the order they are supposed to be used in. These are pictured below:



I would first like to stress the fact that this is indeed a REVERSE system, which means that conditioner is applied before shampoo. This was a bit tricky for me because I am not used to this, but the reason for it is because conditioner tends to weigh the hair down and strips your hair of all the bounce and volume it deserves!

I will be reviewing each product individually.

Conditioner: This was not as heavy as most conditioners are and it smelled absolutely amazing. I wish I could bottle this scent and where it everywhere if I could. This was great because my hair did not feel heavy and oily as it usually does when I wear conditioner. I’m not too sure about the price but I think it’s R69,99 in selected stores.

Shampoo: Smells just as amazing as the conditioner. The only thing I found weird about this product was that the bottles are 2 different containers. The conditioner is pump activated while the shampoo has the OG pop cap. Usually, with most of the TRESemmé products I have used, both bottles are the same. But I’m not complaining though, I love them both. If I’m not mistaken, this retails for about R69,99 in stores.

Hair Mousse: If you watched my demo on YouTube, in which you caught a glimpse of my naturally curly hair (cringes), you would have noticed that I struggles with the pump of the mousse. It took some elbow grease and some serious work to pop this bad boy open! Eventually when it did come out, it spilled everywhere (as a result of me not shaking the bottle). When I applied it over my hair and combed the product through, I had to get up and wash my hands because my hands were too sticky to touch anything which did put me off a bit. This was the only thing I could fault for the range as a whole. This retails for R59,00 in selected stores.

Hair Maximizer: I’m not exactly sure what this product was supposed to do, but eventually I figured it was supposed to be some sort of heat protect or add extra bounce. Personally I feel that the range could have done without this product but it’s still great either way. This retails for R49,99 in selected stores.

Well, that was my demo and review. If you do watch my video, please don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe to my channel to see more content not often posted on my blog.


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Neutrogena Visbibly Clear Correct & Perfect Review: Complexion Scrub and CC Cream


Wow, it feels great to be writing again.

Hi beautiful! Thank you for putting up with the fact that I was gone for so long, you don’t understand how badly I’ve missed writing blog posts. The reason I’ve been away for so long was simply because I feel that I was in a very bad place as a writer and a blogger. I’ve been taking driving lessons which has boosted my confidence so much and just helped me to evaluate everything and get myself back to being the happy slaying writer that I am


photo credit: Kimoji via Bustle

But back to my review: I was recently asked by Beauty Bulletin to review the new Neutrogena Correct and Perfect Range which included a complexion scrub as well as a CC Cream.

The Complexion Scrub:


Can we just take a moment to appreciate the photography skills in this shot? Clearly I didn’t take it, my boyfriend Matthew helped me and also helped with the YouTube video which you can watch below:

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The scrub itself was really gentle on my skin and I loved the fresh smell and how clean it left my skin feeling. It had a pearl-like colour and was really easy to dispense and apply. However, being a 19 year old who suffers from endometriosis, my skin did not agree with the product. After a few days my skin started breaking out and it just was not having it. I was really disappointed because I am on hormone treatment (the pill) so my hormones do tend to go a little crazy. I do not blame the product, rather myself. The purpose of the scrub is to help clear skin, prevent breakouts and even the skin’s complexion. While I did feel clean and fresh, my skin could not see what was possible with this product.

Now for the miracle worker, The CC Cream:

Being so skeptical after the scrub, I was very unsure about how the CC Cream would be and how it would affect my skin. I had to film and make use of it so when I applied it, once again I loved how it dispensed, I’m not a big fan of pump applicators and I loved how creamy and smooth it felt on my skin. Lightweight and really gave me a great finish, definitely going to be a campus essential for second semester, I can’t wait to use it again.

The pricing is R99,95 for both products if I am not mistaken and can be purchased at leading retailers.

Once again, thank you to Beauty Bulletin for he opportunity and to my readers for being so patient with me. See you tomorrow with a brand new post

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L’Oreal Boost It Pro Review In Collaboration With Beauty Bulletin

Hi beautiful!

Today I am very excited to bring you my latest review on the L’Oreal Boost It Pro Range. Beauty Bulletin asked me to review the L’Oreal Boost It Hairspray and Mousse and I am beyond honoured and I worked really hard on this video so I would love if you would click the play button, leave a like and subscribe xo. For those of you who cannot access YouTube, don’t worry about it, there are images in this post fairly similar to what is in the video.



This is what the products looked like when I received them. Loved the bright yellow and purple and the size was amazing.


I forgot to point out in my review that there is a really cool app you can download to give you various ideas on the type of hairstyles you can create using the products. I came up with 4 hairstyles myself for my video to add my own spin on it and to showcase my creativity.

The mousse was a very great consistency and I didn’t have any problem with it. I applied it into my damp hair but did not include me blowdrying my hair as I didn’t want the video to be too long. Not going to lie, I feel like it did give my hair bonce but I still had to tease my hair in certain sections to get the look I wanted. It responded to heat relatively well and any steam seen in the video was just evaporation of my hair product that I use since it tends to make my hair a little wet.

The spray was AMAZING. Loved the fact that it actually held my curls for a day and on the second day I still had visible waves. It didn’t leave my hair feeling sticky and it had this almost fruity scent that I fell in love with and can definitely see myself using this more often.

These are the 4 hairstyles I created with the products:

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

This can be purchased at Clicks and Dischem for about R95 each which is a great price considering the size of the products and the use you’ll get out of them.

A big thank you to Beauty Bulletin for sending me these products, I would love to collab with them again in future.

If you would like to check out Beauty Bulletin’s website you can go to

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend. This will unfortunately be the last of this week’s post as I write exams on Monday.