The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquids Try On & Review

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I almost always get asked what my favourite product from The Body Shop is, and my answer is always the same. Hands down I’d always recommend their body butters and Matte Lip Liquids. Being someone who absolutely hates the way matte lipsticks make my lips feel, I always thought I’d never go down that road again after the LA Girl Flat Finish Pigments made my lips so raw that they were sensitive to touch. However, at an event last year for The Body Shop I was introduced to these babies and my life has never been the same. I wear a different shade almost everyday to campus because I love the colour selection. I can also create various looks with them, so if you’d like to see, let me know!


The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquids are made to apply like a lipgloss and dry to a velvet smooth finish. There are a wide variety of shades and an epic colour selection. They last relatively long and are very lightweight on the lips.

One thing I do have to say about these lip liquids is that looks are definitely deceiving and sometimes the colour looks darker in the bottle than it is on your lips. If you do end up deciding to pick one of these up, please swatch them beforehand to get a feel for the shades.

It’s vegetarian and contains no gluten or carmine. And The Body Shop is cruelty free for all my hunny bunnies!


I have about 9 of the lip liquids, of which I only featured 7 because I cannot for the life of me find the shade Sicily Iris and my 9th lip liquid is part of the metals range and I felt that it didn’t quite fit with my video. I captured each lip liquid in photos for you to see and maybe to inspire you to look into trying one of your own. They retail for R90 each at The Body Shop and available online from the Clicks website.

032 Windsor Rose

I never thought I’d find the perfect nude shade but I have to give this one about 10 thumbs up. This dries to the smoothest velvety texture and is not drying on the lips. I love that this is versatile for lots of skin tones too.



020 Taipei Orchid


I have no other way to describe this shade except for the perfect shade of baby pink. I’ve worn this look to a number of events because it is so girly and versatile for a number of eye looks. This is definitely my go-to shade and the favourite in my collection.

010 Cali Gerbera


The main reason I purchased this shade was because I think that the coral colour is so cute. However, this shade takes really long to dry down and when it does, it tends to dry out my lips a bit more than it should. I’ve also noticed that this shade in particular tends to vanish when I eat meals. Although I’m obsessed with the colour, it isn’t a shade I would grab willingly but rather for those days when I’m feeling adventurous and would like a pop of colour.

022 Paris Peony


If neon pinks are more your style, I’d definitely recommend this shade. I’ve never had any problems with this shade and I think that this could definitely be used as an everyday shade if Taipei Orchid is too light for you.

014 Sydney Amaryllis


Not going to lie, I do wish that this red was a bit more vibrant as it borders on a dark pink shade. I still love how this looks though and I tend to reach for this when I wnt a playful red look. Definitely one of my favourites too!

035 Tuscany Lily


I forgot to take a photo of the last shade, Tahiti Hibiscus. I love Tuscany Lily because it is so subtle and dark. I think that this would suit different skin tones as well.

Have you tried any of these shades? Let me know which one I should add to my collection next!

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VLOG: The Body Shop Play For Peace Event

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a blog post. YAY.



I am one of those people who get overly excited for Christmas and everything that comes with it. My favourite part is spreading joy and love throughout the festive season. The Body Shop South Africa was kind enough to invite me to their end of year media event and I just have to say that this cause is something which is quite close to my heart.

One of the reasons I love the season of giving is because I myself did not have much to begin with. I grew up in a family where we did not have much, but we had each other and that taught me how to be grateful. My parents worked their fingers to the bone to provide for my brother and I. I’m very grateful for my family and I wish everyone could experience love like that.

The Play For Peace Campaign is an initiative The Body Shop came up with in order to support children in need. For every gift set you purchase from The Body Shop, you contribute to the Peace Play Project, which provides a safe space for children to play and heal. This programme teaches children how to deal with their trauma, cope with their losses and express themselves without violence.

The Body Shop has inspired me to give more this Christmas, which is why I will be embarking on a few charity campaigns this Christmas. To follow my journey, subscribe to my YouTube channel and look out for my Christmas videos coming up.

Please support this amazing campaign by purchasing any selected gift set from The Body Shop.



Review: The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid (6/12 shades) & Lip Scuff

Life is short, buy the lipstick.

I’ve always been a massive fan of The Body Shop. This year I was fortunate enough to be invited to their Drops of Light event. At this event, they introduced us to a wide range of products The Body Shop had to offer which included the Matte Lip Liquid which I will be reviewing.

As a student, I had to watch my budget as The Body Shop can be quite pricey, and for good reason. The quality of their products are so good, that I feel it is value for your money. These babies retail at about R90 each and recently they had a massive 3 for 2 sale, which I caved and bought 3 more and it only costed me R180. The first 3 I had purchased at the event.



From left to right: Sicily Iris, Sydney Amaryllis, Paris Peony, Cali Gerbera, Taipei Orchid and Windsor Rose.

The packaging reminds me so much of the Kylie Jenner lipglosses, without causing me to spend my entire salary. With a simple matte black cap and 8ml tube of lipgloss, I feel that it is definitely worth the spend.

The colour selection in this range was what I was most impressed with. I feel that 12 shades are not a lot but the colours they offer are out of this world. One thing I do have to note is that I feel that the colour in the tube is not the same when applied to the lips. In some instances they are much darker and others much lighter. The darkest shade I own which is 019 Sicily Iris, shows almost black in the bottle but then on the lips it’s more of a deep plum, but not as dark. The darkest shade in my opinion would be Sydney Amaryllis which shows up closer to a neon pink/red on my lips.

The only bad thing I can say about this product is that sometimes one coat is not enough, which is normal as I’ve never had one swipe colour pay off before. The other thing I’ve noticed is that when I wear this, it takes a few minutes to dry down matte.

With that being said, I feel that the good definitely outweighs the bad when it comes to these lip liquids. I’ve eaten meals before and still had my lip liquid stay on, I’ve only ever had to reapply maybe once or twice. I love that this is hardly drying on my lips as I do struggle with dry lips so I feel that I have a love-hate relationship with matte lipsticks or glosses because they can be very drying. I feel that these are so wearable and I haven’t tried it before but they should be kiss proof too (provided your significant other does not eat your face off). Lastly I love the smell of these because it is a bubblegum scent and it smells so heavenly. To me, Sicily Iris smells like grape bubblegum!

I do not have swatches of the lip liquids because I am saving that for a swatch and wear test video so people can see for themselves!



The Lip Scuff:

Being someone who struggles with dry and chapped lips, I needed an exfoliator for days when I really need to treat my lips. This lip scuff has a very menthol type of scent and feels like an exfoliating scrub, just in the shape of a lip balm. I love how moisturized my lips feel after removing the dead skin and this prepares my lips for the matte lip liquid. It has not been damaging on my skin and I love how cute the packaging is! That is the item pictured above with the silver cap. I would definitely recommend this as an exfoliator for your lips.

What’s new on your beauty desk? Let me know in the comments!


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Loving Lately ♡: My Top Picks From The Body Shop

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with everything pink, anything that smells amazing and good quality products. This is exactly what I get from The Body Shop every time I shop there and they never seem to disappoint. I love the fact that The Body Shop is cruelty free as I am trying my best to get into more cruelty free products. I was fortunate enough to be invited to an event hosted by The Body Shop where I got to learn a little bit more about some of the products featured and received the brushes as part of the goodie bag. (Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that my editing game has gone up a notch!?). I would just like to take a minute to state that this post is not sponsored by The Body Shop, and I only review products I am very impressed with and that I feel others will enjoy too.

These are just a few of my top picks from The Body Shop:


♡ The Body Shop Strawberry Hand Cream (100ml = R90) ♡



I love hand creams. Being a student, I’m constantly on the go and most of my lecture venues have terrible air conditioning which often dries out my hand. It doesn’t help that I’m very aware of germs and every time I have to use the university computers or printing labs, I have to use hand sanitizer which does not add any moisture whatsoever. Although I have the bigger version (you can find the travel size variant here), I still find it perfect for campus and I have no problem storing it in my bag. It’s a smooth almost gel-like formula with cold-pressed strawberry seed oil which ensures the most amazing scent. It does not leave my hands feeling greasy after use, which is perfect because I’m almost always taking notes.

♡ The Body Shop Travel Size Strawberry Shower Gel (60ml = R40) ♡



I picked two of these up before I went to Thailand in July. I absolutely love the strawberry scented range of products from The Body Shop and I feel that this is such a perfect travel size. I had no problem fitting this in my travel bag. It’s soap free but still manages to keep my skin feeling amazing and so nourished. It also contains cold-pressed strawberry seed oil, similar to the hand cream. I think that R40 is a good price for a travel size and perfect for student budgets.

♡ The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid in 014 Sydney Amaryllis, 020 Taipei Orchid & 022 Paris Peony (8ml = R90 each) ♡



If I’m not mistaken, when I purchased these, they were R85 at the time. I must admit, for this price it really is worth it. I’ve been dying to get my hands on Windsor Rose and Cali Gerba. It glides on like a gloss but it does not dry out your lips at all even though it is Matte. There are 12 shades within the range which is a great colour variation in my opinion. I love that these last all day without re-application and I can eat while the matte lip remains in tact. This is definitely one of my holy grail products and my favourite has to be Taipei Orchid, as I’ve featured it in many of my Instagram photos.

♡ The Body Shop Slanted Contour Brush & Foundation Buffing Brush = R185 each  ♡



I will admit that while this post is not sponsored, I did receive this in a goodie bag from The Body Shop event earlier this year. I’ve used both and washed them and they have still remained in very good shape. The contour brush is perfect for a clean and defined contour to give your face a “chizzled” effect. The bristles are synthetic and the handles are wooden. What really impressed me about the buffing brush is that this was perfect for foundation application in the sense that it did not leave any bristle marks on my face which is the main reason why I prefer using a beauty blender. This brush allows you to build the coverage of your foundation without absorbing too much product.

In my opinion, the only thing that really saddens me when it comes to The Body Shop is that you cannot order online and their stores are located quite a distance from where I live. You can purchase a few products from the Clicks website, but they do not offer all the products from The Body Shop. Other than that, I am crazy about all their products and look forward to my next visit in order to review some more products!


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The Body Shop Haul ft. Drops of Light Range

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I would just like to thank The Body Shop South Africa for inviting me to the event. This was the first event I’ve attended as a blogger and really inspired me to step up my game in terms if my writing and YouTube videos. And just by the way, a new video will drop next week Friday!

Any posts you’d like to see? I have not done a tutorial in a long time so I think I should film one ASAP.

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